Wine Workshop is owned by me, Robin Pohlman. I’m a broker, which means I scout soulful, interesting, curious winemakers here in Austria and connect them with really smart and capable importers in different wine markets (aka states) around the US. Because I live here, I get to be friends with these wonderful people, be around as they try out new ideas, get intimate with the weather each harvest, and maybe most importantly, taste the new vintage while it’s forming, once it’s formed, and you know, probably one more time for good measure.

Austrian wine was the first stop in my wine career (via the most perfect neighborhood restaurant that ever was, Cafe Katja in the LES!), and that first stop was cool enough that I stuck around. I did take a few side trips, though. These include working in wholesale in NY for three different gorgeous boutique portfolios, IPO Wines, Palinkerie, and Coeur Wine Co.; doing private client sales for what still remains my favorite retail shop in Manhattan, Convive Wine & Spirits; and working the 2018 harvest in the cellar with the firecracker, badass, peerless Helen Keplinger of Keplinger Wines in Napa. Here in Austria, I spent a year and a half working in the cellar and vineyard for Bernhard Ecker, who was a gracious and kind teacher, and also gave me space to experiment with my own projects from time to time. I’m eternally grateful for the chances I was given to learn and grow, and I’m so happy to be putting that knowledge to work through Wine Workshop.

P.S. Why the name? It’s a play on the Wiener Werkstätte (“Vienna Workshops”), an early 1900s art movement, which Andrew Chase of Cafe Katja (NYC) introduced me to, and which I just love. In German, Wine Workshop(s) would be Wein Werkstätte… rather than Wiener Werkstätte… get it? Ok, well enjoy the font, anyway.

P.S.S. My husband is wickedly cool. He designed this website and does all the technical and back of the house things for Wine Workshop that are completely vital and totally uninteresting to me. I love him for that, and for letting me ride on the back of his bike when I drink wine.