Martin & Anna Arndorfer

  • Winemaker: Martin Arndorfer
  • Village: Strass
  • Hectares: 21
  • History: Mixed farm since 1770, 3rd generation to focus on wine
  • Farming Practices: Certified Organic
  • Varietals: Riesling and Grüner Veltliner are prominent, Neuberger and Roter Veltliner are important rare varietals, old vine Gemischter Satz, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir
  • Top Vineyards: Heiligenstein, Gaisberg, Wechselberg

The People

I met Martin for the first time back in New York while he was on a market visit. Anyone who’s ever met Martin will tell you, you can’t NOT love the guy. His personality is just like his wines – open, honest, and one of a kind. Martin and Anna are the embodiment of passion (“die Leidenschaft” in German), and maybe their most impressive trait is the ability to constantly push boundaries without ever losing sight of their personal style and vision.

The Wines

Nothing added and nothing taken away. (But really.) All wines are certified organic, all are un-fined, and most are unfiltered (depends on sugar levels, guys!). This is “the message from the vineyard” in its fullest form.

The “Strasser” line is the Village category, showcasing the varietals grown in their happy places. The “die Leidenschaft” line is, you guessed it, all about passion – sexy & unctuous are the right words. The “Per Se” and “Naturals” are skin contact in all its beautiful iterations. Bet you’ve never had a GV fermented on Riesling skins, have you?