Salomon Undhof

  • Winemakers: Bert and Fay Salomon (twins)
  • Village: Krems/Stein
  • Hectares: 30
  • History: Winery acquired from Capuchin monks in 1792, Bert and Fay are 9th generation winemakers
  • Farming Practices: Controlled Integrated Production (KIP Certified), some biodynamic practices
  • Varietals: Riesling and Grüner Veltliner with a very small quantity of Gelber Muskateller and Gelber Traminer
  • Top Vineyards: Wachtberg, Lindberg, Pfaffenberg, Kögl

The People

Bert and Fay have been working with their father, Bert Sr., for years, and 2019 marks the first vintage with the winery fully in their hands. Fay works the market about 80% of the time, and she is a truly fantastic salesperson. When she’s not on the road, she’s in the vineyard or cellar with Bert, who spends most of his time there, with a watchful eye and steady hand. The family is like a very sophisticated Austrian Brady Bunch – they just really really like each other. (I might get fired for printing that.)

The Wines

Lots of fancy people have said lots of wonderful things about these wines – Salomon has been in Wine & Spirit’s Top 100 Wineries several times (including this year), and Raj Parr always has something wonderful to say about them (he gave them a lovely write-up in the Atlas of Taste).

Well, believe the hype. The classically styled wines are Audrey Hepburn elegant, and the experimental numbers are Audrey Hepburn (and her tabby cat) in the Breakfast at Tiffany’s party scenes.